Hillbrook- Ogletree Village
Twin Homes

Because of the unique aspects that exist related to the Twin Home duplexes located at the front of Ogletree Village a Committee was formed through Amendments to the Covenants. The Twin Home Committee has complete managerial control over the Twin Home Monthly Maintenance Fee.


There are certain portions of the covenants that apply only to the Twin Homes. They are linked here for your convenience.

In addition to the yearly association dues, Twin Homes Owners pay a monthly maintenance fee. A detailed description of what this covers is available as part of the Association Covenants and is linked here for convenience.

Twin Homes Committee Members

  • Ronald S. West

  • Rick N. White

  • Gary Wright

  • Teresa Jones

The Twin Homes Committee maintains as separate mailbox to receive these payments.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 283
Auburn, AL 36831-0283

Phone: (334) 750-0754

Email: admin@hovhoa.org